January '17 Review & February Plans

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  • earning as of now $466 per month
  • got my first payment, real money from real people for doing something I love!!
  • obviously not enough to survive yet
  • but looks feasible to reach that soon if more people become Patrons!
    • small and big contributions: not only support but imply trust!

The Roads & Traffic Prototype

Well, it's just roads...

  • Really liked your reactions
  • Amazing to see what people already managed to build
  • BSOleader’s hilarious & just slightly tipsy first release review captures really well how experimental this release is and actually contains a couple implicit bug reports
  • People reported bugs really diligently, with helpful screenshots or even videos/GIFs
  • Made it possible to address some of the most annoying bugs in the 0.1.1 and 0.1.2 releases
  • If you had problems with the first release, I encourage you to check those out

Open Source

  • Scary decision, but blew my mind how much it already paid off in just January
  • Contributions both on
    • very concrete things like better camera controls (kingoflolz & Herbstein)
    • background architectural things like switching to the newest version of Rust and cleaning up rendering code (kingoflolz & martinrlilja)
    • getting a head-start on long-term strategical issues like: modding
      • based on some very active discussions in our new developer chat
      • martinrlilja took the initiative and started prototyping a mod architecture and programming its parts
  • Contributions prove that people already understand my code and are able to provide helpful work, which I didn't expect at this early stage at all

Working in Phases

  • I decided to work in two alternating phases:
    • one month new features
    • one month fixing, cleanup & improvements
  • Decided to use January as the first “cleanup” month
    • highly simplified the inner simulation core, it ended up more robust, understandable & even faster!
    • heavily cleaned up the hacked-together mess of road-planning code
      • fixed a couple bugs in the process
      • made it much easier to fix further bugs and add new features
    • documented in detail a lot of “building-block” code of Citybound
    • setup automatic release building, allowing me to quickly and frequently create new releases from the newest code for all three platforms
      • will hopefully give you fast access to bugfixes and the latest features
      • giving us quick development iteration & a quite large group of testers!

Feature Phase February

  • Will be about getting rudimentary economy and agents beyond cars going
  • Dubbed it the “Homes & Businesses Prototype”
  • Not much more than a Milestone
  • Actually want to do the initial planning for this Milestone with you
  • One of the next days I’ll do a planning livestream!
    • I actually want to try out YouTube Livestreaming for that
      • even though it has a slightly higher chat-to-stream delay
      • All existing subscribers get notified
      • quality options for everyone
      • automatically ends up as a video on YouTube for watching it later
    • I will announce the livestream on YouTube, Reddit, Email and Twitter

Thank you for the wild ride and let me know what you think!

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