The Road to Alpha, Week 15 - A Mixed Bag

No donation money was used for the cap...

What I did

  • Continued working on integrating the traffic simulation with the new road system
    • Car agents can now use the new roads
    • Pathfinding rewritten to work with road systems consisting of individual lanes
    • Many animations and traffic behaviours are still missing
    • Still lots of bugs in the underlying lane connections structure that have been uncovered by the agents
  • Got a MacBook Pro!
    • Started cross-platform testing & optimization
    • Full Retina resolution not really feasible
    • Added upscaling that lowers resolution of 3D graphics, but leaves the User Interface at full resolution

What I will probably do next

  • Fix bugs in the new road system
  • Make agents make more use of the new road system
  • Start working on gameplay again

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