What I did (Jan. 12 '17)

Today felt a little like laundry-day:

  • I reviewed and accepted a pull-request by kingoflolz that made a low-level thing more idiomatic for Rust.
  • I separated some of the engine code into smaller pieces, which will make it easier to document, test and benchmark each of them
  • I adopted rustfmt, a style-linter for Rust (basically an automated grammar nazi) and applied it to the whole Citybound codebase
    • It destroyed my beautiful hand-crafted and definitely not sloppy formatting
    • It applied consistent and nice formatting in most places
    • It made the uglyness of some particularly ugly code shine much more brightly
    • It forced me to fix lots of formatting by hand which it was smart enough to complain about but too stupid to fix itself
    • This all might seem like a detail, but actually helps a lot to achieve consistent code style when a lot of people (or just one very inconsistent person) work together
  • I hooked up continous integration (Travis)
    • This allows me to automatically run tasks and checks when someone publishes code changes
    • Right now I'm only using it to enforce the new code-style
    • But: this will also be used to automatically compile and bundle the game for Windows/Mac/Linux, making publishing of new releases much easier!
    • Once there are tests, those can also be run automatically when the code changes.
  • I wrote a more thorough guide about how to get completely setup for contributing - I'm planning to flesh this out more and more to make it easy to get started

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