What I did (Jan. 17 & 18 '17)

Yesterday it became very late and I was too tired for a blog post - but I worked on the same thing today anyways!

  • I've been working on cleaning up code and writing documentation, starting with the lowest-level code of the engine
  • I set up an automatic documentation-building job that runs when new code is accepted into the master branch - so the documentation is always up-to-date!
    • This is what the documentation looks like
    • Rust documentation is very beautiful by default and I tried my best to make the content as clear and helpful as possible, documenting most importantly why I designed some code like I did.
    • So far, only a couple of the lowest-level libraries are covered
  • Today I started heavily cleaning up and also documenting Kay, the actor system that pretty much runs all the simulation and rendering of Citybound
    • Some of the abstractions I invented there had weird and inconsistent names, so I first invented better names for them
    • People say there are 3 difficult things in programming:
      • Naming things
      • Off-by-one errors
    • I'm not done with the documentation yet, but it will appear under the same link once I am
    • After I'm done, it's probably time to show off all of this architecture I built over the last couple months to the Rust community, maybe some more people will be interested in contributing!

And because someone kinda asked about it last time:
I decided to work in two-phase cycles:

  • Phase A: Produce juicy new features
  • Phase B: Clean up all the mess, fix bugs, polish architecture

As you might guess, right now I'm in Phase B, and I will continue until the end of January. Then, I will switch back to Phase A with the next big feature: basic economy.

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