What I did (Jan. 19 '17)

Felt very productive today :)

  • Finished documenting Kay, for now
  • Set up a Gitter chatroom for developer discussions
    • n1313 asked there how non-Rust devs can contribute, this inspired me to mention two ideas I had for the first time:
      • a web-app implementing a "Mod AppStore", where people will be able to discover, rate and publish mods
      • a web-app for creating beautiful city showcases / journals, with tight integration into the game (direct savegame download, city statistics, etc.)
    • I'll try to set up repository skeletons with some basic requirements for these projects tomorrow and whoever is interested can have a go at some prototyping!
    • kingoflolz mentioned some nice optimization ideas (even though he has an exam - good luck!)
  • I started to clean up and drastically reorder a lot of game code, starting with the file structure, but also disentangling all kinds of loosely-related topics (lane microtraffic, connectivity, construction, ...) that were just connected in one huge hairball.

  • Tomorrow I want to start seriously thinking over how I implemented the planning interface code - I think I can arrive at something much simpler...

    • that will be inherently less buggy
    • that will make it easier to implement similar stuff (pathways, railways, ...) in the future

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