What I did (Jan. 23 '17)

Nothing really special to report...

  • Still working on rewriting the planning code
  • Realizing more and more what a Rube Goldberg machine I accidentally built around something fairly simple
  • I really hope to get a new release with as many bugfixes as possible out this week!


  • 🎉 I got my first Patreon payment of $313 for December 🎉
  • My first salary as a free man, being paid for doing what I love, by you, the generous fans, caring so deeply about my work and trusting my plans and abilities even though we've never met!
  • I feel incredibly happy and flattered!
  • (For January, I will already get $426 from 74 kind people, as of now!)
  • (You can fit almost any growth curve between two datapoints!)


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