What I did (Jan. 24 & 25 '17)

Not much changed, I'm still working on rewriting the planning implementation

  • Yesterday I was quite distracted (with other Citybound topics, but still distracted)
  • Today was productive, but it's taking slightly longer than expected
  • the planning code grew unwieldy because of all the operations and cases it already needs to support (still not enough though), and I was kinda badly surprised how difficult it is to refactor it, but my work-in-progress new version is already slimmer and at the same time more extensible
  • I really need to get rid of this overly bad feeling of not having achieved enough today/within the expected timeframe/this week...
  • As long as I give my best effort and work reasonable hours each weekday, I should be content!
  • I should not feel bad about not having much to report
  • In this way, Citybound being "like a job" where I "senselessly grind away" at something for a limited time each day can feel really liberating

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