What I did (Jan. 31 '17, Release Tomorrow)


  • automatic release builds turned out to be quite the bitch to get working
    • Imagine creating instructions for building a car, giving them to your friend in the next town, waiting for him to try it out, he giving it back to you with a terse "motor doesn't start if I build it like this", you having to guess why, changing something, giving it to your neighbor again, getting it back with "motor started, couldn't put in the gear", rinse and repeat...
  • especially for all three platforms

    • Imagine you having to create a special customized copy of your car building instructions for your other friend who only knows how to drive automatic
  • they almost do work though


  • I didn't have time to do the two bugfixes I wanted
  • I didn't have time to test the current state more thoroughly
  • There is one small annoyance that I would like to polish away

...so the release will be tomorrow, sorry!

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